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Pre-Show Monster Jam All Star Challenge VIP Racer Challenge

Pre-Show Monster Jam All Star Challenge VIP Racer Challenge


This is a kid experience like no other! Race an electric powered Grave Digger mini replica/ride-on vehicle on the actual Monster Jam All-Star Challenge competition course before the show starts! The crowd will be cheering as the kids rip up the dirt like the pro’s! The drivers parent or guardian and two (2) additional guests will get to come on the course to join in the fun! Exact times vary by show, are subject to change, and are detailed during the purchase process.

Price: $100.00


Venue, Date, Time*:



  • The ultimate kids experience to race a Monster Jam 24volt Grave Digger ride-on vehicle on the real Monster jam race course.
  • The race happens just before the show starts so you will have the crowd cheering you on!
  • Each participant operates an electric powered vehicle on the stadium dirt race track.
  • Each purchased package allows participating child and up to 3 additional attendees to access the track for this awesome experience.
  • Everyone receives a Limited Edition Souvenir VIP credential and Lanyard.
  • Participating child age 3+ with a maximum weight of 88 lbs.
  • The approximate time for this experience is 6:30 – 6:45 pm


  • * Participating child must be age 3+ and no more than EIGHTY-EIGHT (88) pounds. parent or legal guardian must accompany child as a participant. Rider should be in good health and free from injuries or conditions that could be aggravated by this activity, which may involve jolting, tipping or other mishap. Vehicle will be Hunter Products Monster Jam Grave Digger 24v replica truck, Monster Jam Max D or Grave Digger 12V Ride On or Hunter Products Monster Jam Grave Digger 12V Replica Car. Maximum speed is approximately 4.35 mph or less. Race course, time and format are in Feld Motor Sports’ sole discretion.
  • EVENT TICKET IS REQUIRED FOR EACH PARTICIPANT AND MUST BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY. Only the stated number of participants for the purchased experience with valid Event tickets will be allowed to participate. No last-minute additions are permitted.
  • A LIABILITY AND PUBLICITY RELEASE MUST BE EXECUTED OR PROVIDED ON SITE FOR EACH PARTICIPANT. Parent/legal guardian must execute for each participant under 18. Please see our FAQs for form of release.
  • Customer certifies that he/she has permission to provide the name and cell phone number for the designated Point of Contact, and that such designated person has consented to serve as the Point of Contact, to attend and check in for the experience, and to receive details and updates by phone / text message.
  • Customer will receive a confirmation email following purchase. Times, details and changes will be sent by text message to the designated Point of Contact. If the designated Point of Contact changes, please contact 800 755 4421 (M-F 9am-4pm EST)/ mscustomerservice@feldinc.com. Times for experience elements may be subject to change. Message and data rates may apply.
  • The designated Point of Contact must be present onsite to check in for the experience, with valid photo ID and order number/ confirmation email. Customer and the designated Point of Contact are responsible for organizing and communicating details and requirements to any other participants.
  • Participants must provide their own cameras for pictures / photo opportunities. PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES WILL BE ONLY AS DESIGNATED BY FELD MOTOR SPORTS.
  • Safe and responsible conduct and compliance with Feld Motor Sports instructions are required at all times.
  • Participation in the VIP Racer Challenge is subject to compliance with all rules and instructions posted and communicated by course personnel, including the following rules:

- All riders must be at least 3 years of age and must weigh 88 lbs or less. All riders must wear close toed shoes and provided helmet.

- No rider may get on a vehicle until vehicle instructions have been given. Each rider must have his/her parent or legal guardian present when instructions are being given and at all times while the rider is on a vehicle, to ensure that the rider understands and follows all rules and instructions.

- Only 1 rider may be on any vehicle at a time.

- Riders must sit, facing front on vehicle seat at all times. Standing on any vehicle is prohibited. Riders must stay on the vehicle course. Riders should not cause a vehicle to make contact with any other vehicle, person or object.

- Do not operate or move any vehicle that is stuck, on its side or upside down. Do not put anything near moving or rotating parts such as motors, gear boxes or wheels.

- No food or drink is permitted in course area.

  • This VIP Experience takes place before the show or during intermission and report time may cause participants to miss part of the event.
  • Feld Motor Sports will not have any responsibility or liability associated with any incorrect contact information, telephone or internet service delays or errors, or any customer or Point of Contact’s inability or failure to properly communicate with Feld Motor Sports or experience participants. Please see our FAQs for general VIP Experience rules, details and recommendations. Failure to comply with these Things To Know and Feld Motor Sports VIP Experience rules may result in removal from the premises without any refund.
  • This experience is Non-Refundable.